A downloadable concept

NOTE: Concept assets only.

I developed these assets for a series of assignments that required a logo, icon, promotional image, a single 3D asset, and a series of concept UI menu screens for a fictitious serious game. I used 3DS Max to create the 3D asset, and Adobe Photoshop to create the images, UI screens, and  UV map textures. I used royalty-free images and fonts to create various effects that I felt accurately reflected my theme.

I drew inspiration from Belgian artist Hergé, best known for his work on the comic The Adventures of Tintin. I have always loved Hergé’s artwork. The combination of the level of detail, the simplicity of the character designs, and the broad spectrum of colours is something I have always found very aesthetically appealing. I have also always enjoyed the consistent theme of travel during the "golden age of air travel". This is what ultimately led me to choose my theme: A retro 1950’s era travel theme, settling on the game title “Journey Agent”.

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