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NOTE: This game is an incomplete prototype.

Doctor’s Orders is a side-scroller/platformer where the player takes control of a person who has recently undertaken a medical procedure, and must follow their doctor’s orders and avoid various environmental hazards and other obstacles while they are recovering.

My son inspired me to make this game - at the age of six he had to have a fairly complex medical procedure that meant he could not run, jump, or even sneeze (!) for 2-3 weeks after his operation. He did an excellent job and as a result I'm pleased to say he had a speedy recovery.

I thought there might be some merit in developing a game that helped other children who may be too young to understand the importance of their doctor's orders, while also giving them a fun activity that they can enjoy while they are recovering.

Install instructions

Download and unzip Doctors-Orders.zip, then run DoctorsOrders.exe.


Doctors-Orders.zip 394 MB

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